05/30/2017 at 05:00 AM Donor Modest_Needs recommended application 377341, "Rent Help After Disabled Veteran Paid Out of Pocket for Medical Expenses" for funding.

05/29/2017 at 03:52 PM Donor jp recommended application 375835, "A Roll In Shower Wheelchair to Help Restore My Independence" for funding.

05/29/2017 at 03:50 PM Donor jp recommended application 379372, "Social Worker Needs New Tires To Keep Her Job" for funding.

05/29/2017 at 09:11 AM Donor polirish3 recommended application 377507, "Vet Needs Mortgage Assistance After Dogs Needed Expensive Care" for funding.

05/29/2017 at 09:11 AM An anonymous donor made a contribution of $594.00. Thank you!.

05/29/2017 at 05:00 AM Donor Modest_Needs recommended application 376898, "Single Mother of 3 Needs Help With Extra Tuition Fees" for funding.

We've chosen to feature the applications below because they exemplify the work we do at Modest Needs. Please consider helping us raise the funds that will allow us to assist these extraordinarily deserving individuals and families.

Need Help with Car Insurance After Our Truck Conked Out
Dog Trainer and Animal Rescue Volunteer Needs Car Repair Help
Hard Working Veteran Needs Help Keeping Up After Car Repair Expenses
Autistic Toddler In Need Of Therapy