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More About Our Bridge Grant

Modest Needs makes Bridge Grants:

Our Application Wizard will determine that you qualify to apply for a New Employment Grant if:

  1. You meet the basic eligibility requirements described on our Applicant FAQ;

  2. No adult member of your household is EITHER currently employed OR permanently disabled and receiving SSD/SSI benefits;

  3. Your household currently does NOT meet our Self-Sufficiency Standard (more details on our Applicant FAQ);

  4. The expense or regular bill with which you qualify to request assistance under this program can be paid on your behalf, directly to a vendor;

  5. The expense with which you need assistance can be paid in full for no more than the maximum grant for which your household qualifies from Modest Needs; and

  6. You can provide us with documentation to substantiate what you tell us in your application about your household's income, employment status, and the expense with which you plan to request assistance from Modest Needs under our Bridge Grant program.

Other Important Information:

If you or any member of your household has recently found or accepted a new job, at Modest Needs, we consider that member of your household to be 'employed,' even if that person hasn't actually started his or her new job just yet.

Under these circumstances, our Bridge Grant is NOT the right grant for your household. Instead, you'll want to learn more about our New Employment Grant, which would be the grant type most suitable to your situation.

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