Funded 06/19/2024
Death in Family
Misc. Expense
Medical Emergency

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I Have Terminal Cancer & Will Be Leaving My Wife All Alone. I Can't Pay the Rest of Our Window Bill!

My Story:

I am a retired grandfather living in a low-cost yet nicely maintained retirement home community. I am very active in the community. I play saxophone in both our local band and orchestra. I am also in three creative writing groups and have published almost a dozen science fiction books. I even produced a play that I wrote, and I am a member of our Arts Council.

Recently, at a yearly checkup, I found out that I have a terminal cancer. I really did not think I would go this early, and now my poor, loving wife who has stood with me for forty years will face hardship without me. Although our downsized home will last us until our deaths, it did need windows, especially after experiencing several hurricanes. I really underestimated this expense and thought I would live until it was paid off. We have paid most of it off; we just have this last little bit to finish paying, but after all my medical bills, I just cannot find the money to pay this. My concern is leaving my wife with too many unfinished things to take care of.

I am asking for help paying off the remainder of our window installment bill. This assistance will lift some of the burden my wife is going to go through after my untimely departure. Thank you so much for your assistance and giving what you can.

As of 2024-06-19, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.