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I Got Promoted, so I Took My Son & Left My Abusive Ex. Our Car Broke Down, & I Can't Get to Work!

My Story:

I am the mother of a 20-year-old who is still in school. We also have two dogs. I work with the transportation team at Amazon, and I love my job. I was recently promoted at work, which is giving my son and I an opportunity to start over after I was in an abusive relationship for 8 years.

I paid for my car outright before my son and I moved into a place of our own, but on our way here, it broke down on the highway. I had to Uber us and our stuff to our new apartment. I was able to get it towed to the shop, and they told me the timing chain broke and needs to be repaired. This was very unexpected and put a strain on our daily activities as well as me getting to work to support us. We need help paying for this repair, so we can stay in Tennessee and better our lives. If not, we may have to find a way back to Georgia, and I'm afraid my ex could find me there.

This act of kindness with my car repair will permit me to go to work, pay our rent, and care for our daily needs. I want my son to always know he can depend on me. Thank you so much for anything you are able to give to our situation.

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