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My Car is Stuck in the Shop Because I Can't Afford the Bill. Help! I Can't Get My Son to School!

My Story:

I am a single mom to a 5-year-old boy. I work full-time at a daycare, but I recently just received my CCMA, which will help me earn more for us. So far, I have not had any bites on higher paying jobs, but I'm hopeful I'll get something soon.

I can't quite squeeze in all 40 hours a week due to my son's school schedule, so I'm limited with how much I can take home. With inflation, I can barely keep the two of us fed and housed each month, so any unexpected expenses can be a real challenge. Sadly, I am stuck in a difficult place at the moment, as my car is in the repair shop with a balance left that I can't afford. The car is my only source of transportation, so I have had to ask others for rides to work since I got it repaired. It is reaching a point now, though, where I cannot keep asking people to go out of their way to bring me places, and I could lose my job if I don't get my car back.

I'm humbly requesting your help, so I can get current with the mechanic. I'm struggling every day that goes by without a vehicle, so I appreciate your help a lot. If I can get my car back, I will be able to get my son to and from school and continue applying for better jobs without worrying about losing mine. Thank you for everything.

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