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It Took Everything to Escape My Daughter's Abusive Dad. All Our Belongings Will Be Auctioned Off!

My Story:

Hello, I'm a recently single mother of a very bright 15-year-old daughter. We have a 2-year-old shiatzu whom we love very dearly. I work full-time as a Program Specialist for CSET.

I just left my daughter's father due to abuse. One day this past April, he was drinking and upset about the fact that I made hotdogs for dinner. While my daughter was showering, he yelled at me for the food I had made and told me to move out immediately. I told him that he wasn't going to put me and my daughter out like that, and he had to give us some time at least to gather our things. Every day after that, he kept saying repeatedly how worthless I was and how I needed his help to do anything in the world. I started saving as much from my checks as I could, so I could be in a better financial spot when my daughter & I left him. My daughter is in the travel club at school and is going to Europe soon, so I paid for her to see the world. I also paid for us to move out of her dad's apartment, but the security deposit and first month's rent took everything I had. I'm no longer living in a toxic and emotionally abusive relationship, but I'm suffering in a different way. I have a storage unit with my daughter's childhood memories, furniture, and more sacred items that are going to be auctioned off if I do not pay the bill. Our apartment is empty right now, and we really need the items from my unit to make it feel like a home.

I am asking for help paying off my storage balance, so I can remove all my items and no longer have a storage bill at all. This assistance will be the final piece for us to move on from her dad's toxic behavior. It will help by making my empty apartment into a home for my daughter and me. I know it's just a storage unit, but it has our lives in there. I would be forever thankful if you saved our belongings. Thank you so much.

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