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My Son Has Been Hospitalized for 50 Days, & He Must Go to a Specialized Home. I Can't Afford Movers!

My Story:

I'm retired with one son, and sadly, he has been hospitalized on and off for most of the year due to medical and psychiatric issues. He has autism and a rare gene mutation, ADNP. This time around, my son has been in the hospital consecutively for the past 50 days; it hurts my heart watching him in such pain. He is my guy, and I love him so much.

I, myself, have arthritis and fibromyalgia, and I've recently had to have both neck fusion and lower back surgery. I have struggled with this decision, but my son is not happy with me, and I know he will thrive at this specialized residential home. I went to see it, and it is very nice. I put the deposit down for him to go, and now, the only obstacle is getting him and his belongings there. To be honest, my arthritis mostly affects my hands, so it would be nearly impossible for me to move all his stuff into my vehicle. Even if I could, all I own is a small Fiat. I just need a little bit of help moving his stuff, but I do not have that kind of extra money.

I am humbly asking for help paying Two Men and a Truck to help me with this important move for my son. My son really needs his stuff; it will be a comfort for him and a reminder of home. He especially needs his mattress because it is specialized; when he was 8, he was hit by a car and needed 3 skin grafts put into his back, so it is a medical necessity for him. I have nowhere else to turn for this help, and I would be beyond grateful for the assistance. This act of kindness ensures that my son and his possessions can be safely transported to his new home. I will not have to strain myself or end up hurt trying to move his stuff alone. He will be under the proper care there and finally be in an environment where he can find fulfillment; that is all I ever want for my sweet boy. Thank you so much for everything you can give toward this move.

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