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Thanks to a Fire, I Was Displaced for Months. Thanks to the Extra Expenses, My Power's Been Shut Off

My Story:

I am a single woman with an amazing Goldendoodle named Milo, and I treat him like my actual child. I send him to daycare since I work full-time. I work currently with DHR as a food assistance worker, and I love being a helper in my community.

Last year, I was put out of a home for three months after it caught fire. I had rental insurance, but they were not much help at all. Thankfully, my dog and I survived without any burns, and most of my belongings remained intact. However, I was also without my car during this time, as it was in the process of getting fixed when the fire broke out. This left me with no housing or transportation, and once I finally got my car back, it needed even more repairs. I was able to get the car in good shape eventually, but these two repair bills have put a huge strain on my finances. My internet and cable were shut off recently, and all of my bills are due. I'm struggling to keep the little bills paid, let alone the big ones.

This assistance with getting my utilities back would be a lifesaver. I could see at night, shower, and cook for myself again while focusing on catching up with my large payments. This will be a huge step for me to get back in good standing with all my bills again, and I would be so grateful. Thank you for anything you are willing to contribute.

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