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We're a Lively Little Family & After Our Car Needed Repairs, I Lost Hours. I Can't Afford to Fix It!

My Story:

I'm the proud mother of 15-year-old teenage twin boys who are total sports enthusiasts, dominating both the basketball court and football field. My daughter, a vibrant 9-year-old, brings the energy of a life-size Barbie doll to our home. Together, we're a lively bunch, always playing with our lovable 3-year-old golden doodle, Cooper. While juggling the joys of parenthood, I'm also balancing my work in customer service with my education in cybersecurity. It's a whirlwind adventure, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

I work hard to ensure the essentials are covered for my family, but unexpected expenses often throw a wrench in our plans. Recently, my car's CV axle broke, leaving me in a tough spot as I struggle to keep up with bills, tuition, rent, and groceries. Without reliable transportation, getting my kids to school and myself to work has become a major challenge. It's a bad idea to drive the car due to safety concerns, and it has forced me to cut back on hours.

I'm reaching out to Modest Needs for assistance with covering the cost of repairing my car's CV axle, so I can always get to work. Without this crucial repair, I fear the repercussions could be severe. Firstly, there's the immediate risk of losing my job if I'm unable to commute reliably. This loss may result in other losses like our home or forcing me to drop out of school. Additionally, I'm accruing extra charges from the mechanic shop since my vehicle is just sitting there idle awaiting repair payment. After covering rent, bills, and my children's after-school activities, I just will not have the funds to cover this for a while. This generous assistance would prevent us from falling into a hole of debt and ensure I can continue to provide a steady income for our household. I know I will gradually build a more stable financial future. Thank you so much for reading and considering us.

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