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I Lost My Job in December. It took Months to Find Work & I'm About to Lose My Home.

My Story:

I am a father of 1 son, and he is 6 years old. I live with my fiance, and we are excited to get married. We absolutely adore our son and spend time together as much as we can.

I recently got a job at BJ's Wholesale. My fiance works as an early childhood educator and was the only one working until I got my job. We have not been able to save, as living off my fiance's income, we can only afford our everyday expenses. I lost my job back in December, and being out of work has made it hard to keep up with rent.

I am hoping we can get help with a month of rent, as we have been struggling to pay on time and will be taken to court soon. We are getting very scared that we will be evicted, and we want to avoid having something like this on our record. This help will keep a roof over our heads as I start my new job and permit us to stay on track with our new second source of income. Thank you so much for anything you can give.

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