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I'm a Teacher & Lost Hours After Enrollment Dropped At My School. Now, I Can't Afford to Fix My Car!

My Story:

I am a 30-year-old queer teacher living with my dog, cat, and mother. I work at a nearby university teaching communication studies, and I absolutely love the students I get to work with every day. My mom has some disabilities, so she stays home. I usually earn enough to take care of our rent payment and utilities, but I have been working part-time this semester since there was a huge drop in enrollment at the college.

This reduction in income has put a strain on things, but I was managing okay. Then, my car started making a loud noise while driving, and this put us in a real bind. The control arms and brakes need to be replaced, and I don't even have enough in my bank account to consider covering the cost of repairing them. We can barely afford our rent now that my hours are cut, and now, I could face unemployment if I do not have a reliable source of transportation. That would seriously make all of this spiral into something far worse.

We are asking for some help fixing my car. This was a very unexpected expense, as my car has never had issues before. I am afraid that if I can't get this work done, my mom and I could end up homeless. I am teaching this summer as well as full-time next semester. With this help, I will be able to make my rent and other payments on time and remain stable until my income returns to normal. I know I can make this favor go a long way, and my mom and I would so appreciate this kindness. Thank you so much.

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