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I'm a Veteran & Finally Sold the House My Mom Passed Away in. I Can't Move to a Home of My Own!

My Story:

I am a 64-year-old Army veteran and was the primary caretaker for my mother until she passed away in April 2022. Since then, I have been trying to sell our family home, and I just recently found a buyer! I work part-time in the E-commerce section of Whole Foods Market.

I have not been able to work consistently for two months because I was in a car accident, and had to take care of my health afterward. Now, my car is still in the shop as we speak because the insurance company took so long to respond that months later I still do not have a vehicle. My life has really been thrown off. I need to move out of my house before the new owners come, but after paying for my car repairs, the moving expenses are just just out of reach financially. I asked if the buyers wanted to take my furniture off my hands to help pay for the move, but they do not want it.

I am asking for help getting movers and a truck, so I can safely remove my belongings from the house. This assistance will mark the end of a long journey for me and finally allow me to grieve my mom. I will be able to move forward and keep my possessions while I do. Thank you so much.

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