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My Spouse Had His Foot Amputated, I Had a Knee Replacement & Then Our Dog Died. We'll Lose Our Home!

My Story:

I have been married to my husband for 12 years, and we have a dog. Up until last year, my husband and I were working full-time jobs. He was a store manager, and I was a cashier.

This all changed after we each unexpectedly had to fight our own, separate medical battles. I had to have a knee replacement, and while I was recovering, my husband ended up in the hospital needing a toe amputation and femoral bypass. He was released and later admitted again for a fever and severe infection where the amputation was. Tragically, in an emergency, he had to have his foot amputated upon returning to the hospital. I was still recovering and had to leave his side often to go to physical therapy. Amid one of my physical therapy sessions, my right knee gave out completely, and I had to get a second replacement. It has felt like one big nightmare, and to make everything worse, one of the dogs we had passed away in the middle of it all. Financially, we have just been trying to stay on top of every medical bill, but it has made paying everything as usual impossible. Thankfully, we both were able to get short-term disability benefits, but my husband ended up leaving his job because they would not allow him to sit down like his doctor recommended. I did eventually return to work full-time but in a different position. Because we are now a one-income household, everything is on me to provide for us. It has been mentally and financially exhausting. I am trying to apply for a second part-time job to earn extra, but it's been tough. I have gotten no bites yet. This has put a huge strain on our marriage, so we have had to seek counseling; I cry at work sometimes when no one is around because of how much pressure this whole situation is. I do not think I am going to be able to pay our mortgage this month, and it feels like I'll be responsible for our lives falling apart.

I am humbly asking for this one-time assistance with our mortgage, so we can continue to care for our health in the comfort of our home. The last thing we need right now is to face a housing crisis while in horrible health with a senior animal. Your generous gift will get us through this period of medical emergencies, so we can push on to what is next for us. Thank you so much for everything.

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