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My Car Was Broken Into 3 Times, & I Had to Get Rid of It. Now, My Daughter & I Face Eviction!

My Story:

I'm a single mom of a 10-year-old daughter who is full of energy and keeps me going. I work full-time at a cancer clinic and travel between three locations.

This past Summer, someone broke into my car and stole my wallet. Fast forward seven months later and this happened again two months ago. This time, my car was severely damaged, so I had to get it repaired. After getting it out of the shop and having it back for a week, it was broken into for a third time. I really wish I was joking. I soon learned that my car was the perfect target for a group of teenagers called the Kia Boys who steal cars to post on their Tik Tok. Though they were unsuccessful at stealing my car (my steering wheel locks without a key), it didn't stop them from damaging my car and costing me thousands. This has put me in a real financial bind while I'm still recovering, in every way, from experiencing this crime three times.

I am seeking help with my rent. After experiencing this three times, I was extremely paranoid that it would happen again. I was advised by the police as well as my insurance company that, for my own safety and wallet, I should rid myself of the car, so I did. However, this made it impossible to pay my rent on time, as I had no way to get to work. I live paycheck to paycheck as is and already paid for the car repairs, so this has taken a real toll on my daughter and I. Your help would be an incredible gift that would pull me out of survival mode. We will not have to worry about avoiding homelessness, which is a battle we definitely could not fight right now. Most importantly, this act of kindness will keep my daughter safe at night. Any help that you are able to give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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