Funded 05/23/2024
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Medical Emergency
Unsupported Single Parent

Awaiting Funding

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I Escaped a Cult & Started a Family. After Medical Emergencies, Our Only Car Will Get Repossessed!

My Story:

I am a single mother of two amazing, beautiful girls and work full-time as an AI Data Trainer. Having grown up in a cult, I've had a tumultuous and chaotic life, but I find peace in teaching my daughters to stay strong through tough times. Right now, my 10-year-old daughter loves making paper dragons, and my 5-year-old is just in her wild phase.

I earn enough to pay for our bills, but recently, I had to deal with some health issues and take time off work. My daughter also got diagnosed with a few health conditions, so we've had a lot of medical appointments this past month. Unfortunately, I'm an independent contractor, which means my time off wasn't paid, and this loss of hours caused me to fall behind on all my bills. We need help with my car payment, which is now 1 month past due. If I lose the car, I won't be able to take my girls to school or get myself to work. They go to a public charter school about 20 min from home, and there is no bus they could take. I transferred them there to get more individualized attention because my older girl has a learning disorder and was falling behind in a traditional public school. Similarly, there is no public transportation where I live, and things are way too far from home to walk from place to place. I do not have people that could give me a ride either; we will really be stranded. My girls would be forced to transfer back to their old school since it is closer to home, but still, our family has been through a lot, and I worry for their safety if I don't give them a ride to school.

We are hoping for help with our car payment, so we do not face repossession and end up in an even worse situation, unable to get to school, work, and most importantly, our medical appointments. I can cover everything else; I just do not have enough for this. It is the one bill keeping me from getting back on my feet after losing all those hours! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness; it goes further than you can imagine for us.

As of 2024-05-23, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.