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I'm a Single Mom of 2 Kids & My Car is So Unsafe We Could Get Into an Accident. I Can't Fix It!

My Story:

I am a single mother of a six-year-old daughter with a bright imagination and a 1-year-old son who loves to rough house and be silly. They're both great kids and they play well together. I have a history in maintenance but recently transferred into administrative work to try to break into the business side of the workforce. I do not have financial help from anyone and am the sole provider for my children.

I bought a home when I was making better money 6 years ago. I'm making much less now, and with the higher cost of living, I live paycheck to paycheck. Any hiccup threatens to throw everything off track, and sadly, there is an issue with my car. It has had wheel bearing and ball joint issues for a while now, as it is 12 years old. After my homeowner's insurance went up unexpectedly, I had to use any savings I had to pay that while I re-balanced my budget to afford it. Now, my car has gotten much worse, and I can feel the parts scraping on the ground when I drive. I'm worried this will cause an accident, but I need to drive it to work every day. If I don't get this repaired, I won't have transportation to work and fear I would have to abandon my home to move somewhere I could afford. This runs me a daily risk of losing the current stable life that I've built for my children.

I am asking for your assistance with my repairs. These repairs mean that I no longer run the daily risk of getting into a car accident that injures my kids and I or worse. It would be such a terrible thing to happen, but I feel I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. There is no public transportation where I live. This help will save our finances and permit me to keep working, so I can continue to be the best mom to my little ones. Thank you for all your help.

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