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No School Will Take My Son With Autism, so I Lost Work. My 4 Kids & I Will Lose Power!

My Story:

I work as a learning specialist for students with disabilities in a private school. I love what I do, but I am always missing my kids while at work. I am a mother of four. My 12-year-old daughter is an old soul always making everyone laugh, and my 5-year-old always notices the small details in life. He has autism, but that never keeps him back; he has recently become verbal, and he has so much to say. My 2-year-old son is wild and full of life, and my youngest just turned one. She is always smiling. My fiance is the father of my youngest three. Despite his struggles with depression, he has worked very hard in the pest control field to keep us afloat.

Sadly, both my fiance and I have missed a significant amount of work recently due to my son with autism's behavioral issues at school. He was asked to leave two daycares last year, so finding him care has been challenging to say the least. Any missed work will set us back, and to make it worse, I found my car windshield shattered as I was leaving for work last week. Unfortunately, I did not have auto glass insurance, so we were stuck paying the full amount for the replacement. The combination of these repairs costs with our lost hours has put us in a very difficult situation.

We are asking for help with our utility payments, so we can keep our services on while we get back on our feet. Your help will set us up for a more secure future and allow me to consider going back to school to improve our lives. This act of kindness will push my family through this rough patch, give my fiance and I time to find a school for our son, and hold us over until our next paycheck with full-time hours comes in. Thank you so much for reading.

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