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I'm a Veteran. My Service Dog Has Cancer & Will Pass Soon. I Can't Pay for My New Dog's Care Now!

My Story:

I am a 67-year-old veteran with disabilities. I am TBI blind & deaf, and I have limited use of my hands due to severe nerve damage. I have paraplegia and am dependent on my VA Mobility Service Dog, Rock. He is supported by the VA and has all his medical bills covered by them. Rock has been by my side for years through thick and thin, always tending dutifully to my needs. I genuinely do not know where I would be without him.

Devastatingly, Rock was just diagnosed with lymphoma. He has started treatment, but it does not look good; he may have less than a year left. To ensure there is no lapse in my care, I have put a new German Shepherd pup, Drago, into training with the non-profit K9s4Mobility.org, and we expect him to be ready to fill Rock's position this November. I included a photo of Drago and I on my application; after meeting him, I just knew he was the one for the job. The only issue is that only one service dog can have healthcare coverage from the VA at once, and Drago needs to be able to get medical attention. I have to pay for his coverage until it's time to let Rock go and have Drago start working.

I am asking for help with 7 months of insurance for Drago, so I can ensure he is covered while in training. This help will mean I can care for both my dogs, so they can care for me. We will be able to get Drago through training, so he can come to his forever home. I will be thankful every day for it. Thank you for everything.

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