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I Was Helping One of My Sons Through Homelessness, & Then I Had to Repair My Car. I'll Lose Power!

My Story:

I'm a driven single mother of two amazing sons and an awesome cat. One of them is finding his place in the world, and my other son is a marine. I have four adorable grandsons who currently reside in Japan with their mom. I am a licensed real estate professional, caregiver, loan officer, life coach, and holistic health practitioner.

My hardship started because I was helping my youngest son battle homelessness, so I was forced to put some things on the back burner. In the middle of this, though, I unexpectedly had to buy 4 new tires and a battery for my car. This caused me to fall further behind, and while I am diligently seeking out ways to increase my income, I'm struggling to keep all my utility services on in my home.

I am asking for help with my utility bills, so I can still shower, cook, and stay warm in my home. This help will grant me freedom and the ability to stay on track with my finances. I will be able to sleep at night without fear of being shut off. Thank you so much for everything.

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