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I'm a Single Mom That Lost 3 Weeks of Work & Then My Car Broke Down. Now We'll Lose Power!

My Story:

I am the single mom of a 15-year-old daughter who just began her journey through high school, and I work in a Childrens' hospital.

Recently, I encountered a setback when I was laid off from my job at the local university and left unemployed for three weeks. Though I have secured new employment, the income is not as much as before. Amongst all of this, we suffered an unexpected emergency when our car broke down on the road, and I was forced to get a replacement vehicle. This placed even further strain on our finances, and now, I am facing a payment for our power that I will not be able to afford.

I am asking for your help with our electric bill, so we can have a functioning home to return to. Your kindness during this time of need would make a profound difference in our lives. It would offer stability and allow me to focus on providing for my daughter and managing our household. With your assistance, I believe we can navigate through this challenging period and emerge stronger together. Thank you for considering my request.

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