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Imminent Loss of Housing

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I'm in the Military, but I Don't Make Much. Please Help Me Fix My Car so I Can Get a Job!

My Story:

I'm in the military but planning to go back to school to pursue physical therapy soon. Despite my dedication to the military, my income is simply not enough to cover the cost of my needs, especially now that I am thinking of pursuing an education.

I'm determined to obtain stability, so I can have a brighter future. I'm worried things may get worse, though, if I do not find a way to get my car repaired. I need to ensure I remain housed, and if I do not pay my rent, my roommate will kick me out. However, with the upcoming rent payment, I will not be able to repair my car. I will be stuck at home, unable to go to work or any other important obligations.

I am asking for help repairing my car. This assistance will have long-term impacts on my well-being. I will be able to get my footing, pay my rent, and set up a system for getting all my bills paid on time. Your help will propel me through the military, so I can afford to go back to school and pursue my dreams. Thank you so much for anything you can give to my situation.

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