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I'm a 62-Year-Old Petsitter & Can't Move to More Affordable Housing After Some Medical Emergencies!

My Story:

I'm a 62-year-old single woman who has dedicated the last 14 years to serving my community as a self-employed pet sitter and dog walker. I've also been entrusted to be the permanent legal guardian of my two nieces, a role I took 18 years ago during a very traumatic time for all of us. I spent two decades as a graphic designer before this.

The past year has brought many surprises. My father underwent major surgery and suffered a heart attack while my mother endured a hip fracture and replacement surgery. On top of that, I recently had surgery. The mounting medical bills in combination with the fact I had to take time off to care for my parents has left me in a precarious position. My income has declined significantly, and while I am in the process of downsizing to more affordable housing, the cost of moving there would be beyond my means now and only make things worse.

I am asking for help covering the expenses associated with this move, so I can safely get myself to my new home. This act of kindness would provide much-needed relief and stability during this challenging time, so I could focus on rebuilding my income without falling behind on essential expenses such as medical bills, rent, and utilities. Thank you for considering my request and for your compassion.

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