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I'm a Single Mom & Will Be Forced to Stop Treating My Cancer After Getting Into a Car Accident!

My Story:

I am the mother of a 16-year-old son. It has always been him and I; he is my everything. We like to watch basketball and baseball together. He also started playing both of those sports when he was 4. It's a big part of our lives. I work full-time and have always made ends meet, but there are many things that I want to do with my son that we simply cannot afford.

Last year, my car was stolen. It was abandoned and recovered, but it needed very expensive repairs. I fixed it, and immediately after it was fixed, I was in a car accident. Someone hit me, and just like that, the repairs were all for nothing. I had no choice but to secure a new vehicle, and that took a lot. It is very hard to put money toward anything now. I have fallen behind on some of my cancer treatment bills, and I must keep them paid off to continue with my shots, medications, and treatment sessions.

I am asking for help from Modest Needs to pay my medical bills, so I can get the care I need. This help is potentially lifesaving for me. You may be the reason my son has a mom there for him through graduation and college. This help means I can continue with treatment, keep working, and be on track with everything again. Thank you.

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