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My Son & I Both Caught Pneumonia & Were In & Out of the Hospital for Weeks. We'll Lose Electricity!

My Story:

I live with my two sons and work for the state of Maryland's Department of Health.

Sadly, I have been battling pneumonia for almost a month now. My financial hardship started because my son fell ill with it, and then I caught it too. I was in and out of the hospital for weeks, which caused me to miss a lot of work and use up all my sick time. It has been a struggle to keep everything paid, but thankfully, the sick time helped me stay afloat this past month. Now that I have no more sick time, though, I will go unpaid until I return to work. I'm really stuck now and am worried about losing my services.

I am asking for help with my electric bill. I was not able to cover it this past month, and I had already fallen behind when my son got pneumonia. I will be returning to work soon, so I can get out of this situation. I just need a little help to hold me over until everything goes back to normal. Your kindness will ensure the three of us have a safe, functioning home, so we can focus on our health. Thank you so much for anything you can give.

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