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My Husband & I Have 3 Kids & a Baby With DiGeorge Syndrome. We Can't Afford Her Treatment & Our Car!

My Story:

I am married to a hardworking spouse who works in law enforcement. He is currently the sole provider working two plus jobs to try and help our situation. We have 4 children, and our most recent child was born with DiGeorge syndrome. Our family has been thrown into financial hardship because of this. She must see so many specialists. Our oldest son loves to go fishing, middle son loves to color, and our oldest daughter is a sassy 4 year old who loves all things girly.

Our baby, Daisy, is 5 months old and is the sweetest baby who has had the hardest life thus far in our family. When she was born, she spent 3 months in the NICU and came home on a GTUBE. She must have several surgeries, and we are saving for all of them. This has taken a huge toll on our bank accounts, and if the medical bills were not hard enough, my husband lost pay several times taking off to care for our girl. We are out of options now for keeping things paid.

I am asking for your help to pay our car note and phone bill. This would free us up to pay our mortgage and save our home. We would not have to risk losing our car and then not being able to get our daughter to her procedures. This assistance would go a long way in ensuring we can recover as a family, take care of all our children, and get our baby the care she needs. Thank you so much for your help during this time in our lives.

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