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I Sustained a Life-Altering Spine Injury in a Motor Accident & Can't Pay for Rehab!

My Story:

My husband, Rick, and I own and operate a small construction business specializing in commercial and residential renovations. We especially enjoy remodeling 100+ year old structures to bring new life to neighborhoods.

After working really hard 7 days a week and even on holidays for our business, we embarked upon the trip of a lifetime. We planned it to be three months long and go right back to work afterwards. About 12,000 miles in, a large animal appeared in front of me on a country road. I swerved to avoid hitting the animal, but I lost control of the vehicle. I was thrown from my bike and hit the ground. I remember the whole thing; I was rushed to the hospital and into surgery on my spine. They had to put two rods in, but the procedure was a success. I had to stay there for a month before returning home to Arizona. Before my accident, I was debt-free, and my business was booming. One bad day and eight months later, we are out of resources. I am unable to work and trying to pay off hundreds of thousands in hospital bills. My husband is putting off his retirement just to keep us afloat. I know that I can get back to work if I can get the care I need, but with so much debt to pay off now, I can't take on any more expenses. Technology has made great advancements toward treating and healing my condition. Without help, I will be forced to settle into a life of bed sores, spasticity, and depression. I am not that person. I cannot live that way.

I am asking for help paying my intake bill at the rehabilitation center . This assistance will allow me to use cutting edge equipment and techniques to heal my injured body. My physical and emotional wellbeing will be restored. My husband will not be working nonstop just to keep our house. We will be able to get back on track and focus on the next chapter of my life. Thank you so much for anything you are able to give to my situation.

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