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I'm 73 & Recently Escaped Homelessness. I Can't Afford a Moving Truck to Get to My New Home!

My Story:

I am 73 years young and live alone. I do yoga, Pilates, and long walks every day. Even though I have recently escaped homelessness, I take great care of myself.

I will be working part-time to supplement my social security income until I transfer into a more lucrative position at the new company I'm hired at. Until then, my social security and little employment income will not be enough to cover the cost to move into my new apartment, especially because it is several states away. If I cannot move there, I will lose the housing I waited so long to get and remain homeless for the foreseeable future. I am paying a hefty storage bill right now to hold all my belongings, which is a barrier to affording the move.

I am asking for this one-time assistance getting me safely to my new home. I have to pay for the truck as well as movers to load the truck. I would have nothing left if I paid for this, and I want to be able to pay my rent. Thank you for anything you are willing to give, so I can begin the next chapter of my life.

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