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Imminent Loss of Utilities

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I'm a Navy Veteran & I Can't Pay My Car Note or Utility Bills After Several Car Accidents!

My Story:

I am a female US Navy Veteran. I love football, live music, concerts, and the arts. I am working part-time in the mortgage industry right now with hopes that I can become full-time soon.

I have had a couple of recent expenses that have set me back. While driving, I hit metal in the road, and I had to replace two tires. Then, a deer hit my car. It has been a disaster, and this has caused me to fall behind on some bills. I'm most worried about my car note and utilities. I have taken care of my rent, but I am worried about things spiraling even further if I lose power or transportation.

I am asking for help to get current with my car and utility payments. Your gift will allow me to move on in my life, avoid repossession and shut off, and focus on improving my employment situation. Thank you so much for everything.

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