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I Was Run Over & My Fibula Bone Shattered. My Family of 5 Could Lose Our House Now!

My Story:

I am a married father of 3 children. I have 2 teenage daughters and a little boy. My 16-year-old is a ball of energy and drama all in one. My 15-year-old is very compassionate, and both my girls love playing with their younger brother. My wife is an amazing mother who would do anything for her family. She works at a hospital as a tech, and I am a paramedic.

I experienced a freak accident in January. I was run over by my tractor, and it shattered my entire fibula. I had to get plates and screws put into my ankle. Although it has taken hours of physical therapy, thankfully, I am regaining mobility. However, we have been struggling to pay the bills since my accident. I will be cleared to return to work in about a month, but until then, I will only be receiving 40% of my usual pay. After paying all our usual bills this month, we only had half of the mortgage payment. I have contacted the mortgage company and they refused to help because we've only been in our home for 6 months.

I am asking for assistance with our mortgage, so we do not get sucked into a game of catch up for who knows how many months. Your help will ensure we can buy food for our family and not lose the home we have only now begun to settle into. Thank you so much for reading.

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