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I'm a Woman That Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Right After My Parents Died. Now I'll Lose My Car!

My Story:

I am a single girl that moved to Florida in July of 2021 after losing both of my parents unexpectedly. I packed up my cat and headed to Florida to start a new life. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after I moved here, and it has only caused more disaster in my life.

Financially, this was the worst possible time to be diagnosed with cancer. I can't turn to my parents anymore, and I'm still missing them every day. I have fallen behind on my car payments, as I am only now getting back to working full-time at my community management job. I was on part-time leave while getting chemotherapy and surgery. Any money that was coming in went to my rent and hospital bills. I have reached a breaking point, and I could lose my car now.

I am asking for this help to get caught up with my car payments, so it doesn't get taken. This would ensure I could finally go back to work and not risk losing even more money because I can't get to my job. Your act of kindness will allow me to breathe again; I could get fully caught back up and begin the next era of my life. Thank you so much for reading.

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