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Special Needs Children
Unsupported Single Parent
Urgent Health Care

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This person has left the following thank you note:

Thank you very much for your support. I appreciate the donations and love that we received. I am glad some people understand what we are going through, and I will return the favor. When I saw the email, I just cried, and I am still crying because times have been hard. God bless and thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

I Was on Leave While My Sick Son Got Surgery After Surgery. Now My Kids & I Will Be Evicted!

My Story:

I am a single mother of two beautiful children. Jeffrey is eight years old and loves playing musical instruments. He has autism spectrum disorder and is nonverbal. He has come a long way, and he really is a fighter. My princess is Justice. She loves gymnastics and cheer-leading. I am a social worker, and although it is emotional sometimes, I love helping the children I work for.

This past September, I had to take a leave of absence from my job after my son started having some medical issues. He ended up needing several surgeries, and I was not able to return to work until February. Keeping our heads above water became much more challenging, especially because I stopped receiving my childcare stipend due to my income falling slightly out of range this year. I have had to pay for car repairs, medications, and medical bills that have made it impossible to stay on top of everything. I am now a month late on my rent, and the landlord is filing for eviction.

I am asking for help getting current with my rent, so we can move on from this time in our lives. I am working my regular full-time hours again and can manage everything going forward if we are all caught up. Your help will keep my kids and I housed, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life for it. Thank you.

As of 2024-04-26, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2024-05-13, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $805.26 to Hudson Homes Management LLC on behalf of this deserving individual.