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My Daughter With Autism Will Be Forced to Stop Her Speech Therapy Since I Can't Pay Her Bill!

My Story:

I am a married mother to two wonderful daughters. My 13 year old daughter has autism and goes to speech and occupational therapy. My other daughter is 11 years old and loves playing with her older sister. My husband is an IT professional working for a non profit organization. I was working as a health educator before getting laid off.

I am searching for a new job, and I'm close to finding one that will allow me to also meet my daughter's needs. However, we're facing a large expense right as I'm in the middle of this gap in employment. We have not yet met my daughter's health insurance deductible, and until it's met we get slapped with the entire therapy bill, so we are struggling to pay them right now, especially while I'm out of work. We fear that our daughter's health will suffer if she does not receive her speech and occupational therapy. The provider will suspend her services if the bill goes unpaid, and that could cause her to fall behind in school.

I am requesting assistance with our daughter's speech therapy bill, so she can continue her treatment while I secure a new job. This generous assistance will allow her to continue making strides socially and academically without any interruption. We can get back on track as soon as I have a new job. Thank you so much for your kindness.

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