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I'm an Army Vet With Disabilities & A Storm Ruined My Car's Brakes. I Can't Get to My Appointments!

My Story:

I am an Army veteran with disabilities living in San Diego, CA. I am trying to get back on my feet after extreme weather put me in a precarious position.

Recently, there was some heavy rain that caused extensive flooding where I was living. I had to use up my VA benefits this month to secure temporary housing, so I could be safe through these conditions. The storm ruined my car's brakes and tires, so now I risk getting into an accident if I try to drive. I need to replace them, but my military disability benefits are really not much to live on. I can take care of myself, but sadly, I'm out of luck in an emergency. I'm trying to obtain a part-time job, but without my car, I cannot go to any interviews. Not only that, but I'm worried my health could decline if I have no way to get to my medical appointments at the VA hospital.

I am asking for help getting my tires and brakes repaired, so I can have my independence again. This would be such an incredible gift that allows me to stay on track with my health, gain employment, and take care of myself again. I will be able to recover from this catastrophic weather event and move forward. Thank you so much for anything you can give.

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