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After a Fall at My Job & My Wife's Hours Being Cut, We Fell Behind. Our Shut Off Date is Coming Up!

My Story:

I am a married father and stepfather who works very hard providing for his family.

I work as a cook for a hospitality service, and unfortunately, I had a horrible fall in the kitchen at my job. I slipped on cooking oil that was on the ground and landed on my right knee at full force. As a result, I had to recover for a few months after I had surgery. The workman's compensation denied my claim, so I had to go through my private insurance to pay for the procedure. Between this and losing months of wages, my wife and I fell behind on our bills.

I am asking for assistance this once with our past due electric bill, so my son has a functioning home to return to after school. We have reached a point where we are facing a shut off soon, but this gift will could get us back on track and fully recovered from my accident. My wife will be returning to regular hours soon, and I am back at work. We will get through this soon, and your act of kindness will hold us over until we can stay on top of things going forward. Thank you for anything you can offer to our family.

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