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I Need a Ramp to Get Into My Van, but Its Repairs Are Too Costly! Help Me Keep My Independence!

My Story:

I am married to my wonderful husband of 20 years, and we have no children. We both work part-time jobs and are very dedicated to our community and church. In our spare time we love seeing new movies.

I have a wheelchair accessible van which I use daily for transport to work, and it needs repairs for a broken motor. I really need assistance with getting into and out of my van; it is how I remain independent. I need to get this fixed before something else goes wrong while using it. I must ask for assistance from others when I am doing daily activities, and some people are really not willing to help. I fear my van becoming inoperable. It would cause me to lose my job, and my financial situation would worsen.

I am asking for assistance with the van ramp's repairs, so I can go to work and have my independence. This assistance would mean that I no longer must rely on the kindness of strangers and that I can continue dedicate myself to my job, family, and community. Thank you for anything you can offer.

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