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My Fiance & I Were Laid Off Simultaneously, & Now We Could Be Homeless With Our Little Girl!

My Story:

I have been with my fiance for 7 years, and we have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter together. We were recently thrown a curve ball when we both were laid off at the same time. Despite the unfortunate circumstance, I am happy because I was able to get a job at Ulta; makeup, beauty, and skincare are my passions. My fiance works as a landscaping fireman, and he is great at what he does. Our sweet little girl is in preschool and loves crafts, gymnastics, dressing up, and playing with her dog!

We always make enough for our monthly expenses, but after us both being laid off, we lost a lot of pay while we were securing new employment. Although we both are employed now, this temporary loss of income caused us to fall behind on our rent.

We are humbly requesting help with our rent. Our landlord has already started the legal process, and we are scared of accruing additional legal fees. This generous gift will bring our household current again, so we do not have to go to court and face homelessness. Your help will keep our baby girl safe and off the streets, which is all we hope for. We are more than grateful for anything you can spare. Thank you so much.

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