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The Love of My Life Passed Away a Few Days Ago. My Son & I Will Lose Power Before I Return to Work!

My Story:

I have been a widow for less than a week. My husband was a pancreatic cancer patient, and he was fighting for 4 years. He was suffering with a lot of pain after the cancer spread to his liver, bones, and skull, so he was made comfortable with hospice care at home before passing a few days ago. I woke up in the morning to find that he was gone; I am completely devastated and can't imagine my life without him.

I had no choice but to take unpaid leave from work, so we could cherish what little time we had left together. I was his official caretaker, but it was unpaid. Our son was always there to help, but he suffers from anxiety disorders and struggles finding employment. It has been scary with so little money coming in; all my husband was worried about was making sure our bills were paid before he left us. I am returning to work now that I no longer must care for my husband, but I will not receive a paycheck in time to cover this month's bills.

I am requesting this one-time help with our utility payments, so we can keep our services on. This assistance will give me enough time to get paid and cover the rest of our bills, so we can be caught up. Your kindness will let my son and I remain in our home peacefully, so we can begin to grieve my favorite person in the world and best man I have ever met. Thank you.

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