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I Live With My 2 Dogs. After Moving, I Can't Afford to Repair My Car, & It Could Cost Me My Job!

My Story:

I have lived alone most of my life. Right now, I live with my 2 rescue dogs, and I work full-time at Walmart. I moved to Missouri from Florida for a cheaper cost of living.

I'm trying really hard to better my financial situation. I just completed an IT Certification course that I am hoping will help me secure a better position soon. Sadly, I am afraid that I could lose my job, as my car is not drivable. It has a major oil leak that will cost hundreds of dollars to fix. There is no way I can afford this unexpected repair, but I will be fired for nonattendance if I can't get to work. For now, I have been using Uber, but it is too expensive to be a long-term solution. I tried to get a loan, but I was denied. I just don't want this to be a domino effect of losing my car, job, and then home. My dogs and I would have nowhere to go; we just moved here and have no support system yet.

I am requesting assistance with my car repair, so I can safely get to and from work. Your act of kindness will allow me to keep my car, job, and ultimately, home. I will feel safe every day while on the road, and I can focus on applying to other jobs. Thank you for everything.

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