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Our Son Was Just Diagnosed With Autism & We Can't Pay His Medical Bill! Help!

My Story:

I am married, and my husband and I welcomed our first child in 2020. He is a sweet boy and was just diagnosed with autism. I was six months pregnant when COVID hit; I lost my job, medical insurance, and stability for my child. It has taken years to rebuild our lives.

My son has been in speech and occupational therapy, and we are hoping he can begin to attend a special school soon. Things will be more difficult for him in his life, and it will be a bigger financial burden for us to ensure he has fair opportunity, but we're committed to giving him the best life we possibly can. My husband and I have relocated to three different states in three years chasing financial stability for our son. We had to work two jobs each to come up with the money for our rent this past month, and our apartment is not even safe. There are rodents and toxic chemicals that we never want to expose our child to, but the rent prices are too high in all the neighboring communities and states to move. On top of that, our son is already settled into his therapy appointments, and we've begun applying for special schools to put him in that are nearby.

Right now, we're being forced to choose between our rent and our son's needs. So, I am asking for this assistance with our son's therapy assessment bill from when he was diagnosed because without it, he'll have to stop treatment. If we can get this covered, it will be the break we need to get back on track. We can focus on our son's needs and obtaining long-term stability. This assistance will allow us to consider a safer living arrangement, and we would be so grateful. Thank you.

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