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Domestic Violence
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My Ex is Battling Me for Custody of My Daughter & The Legal Fees Have Me Choosing a Car or Home!

My Story:

I am a single mom of a beautiful 2-year-old daughter; she is such a happy girl and loves animals. On the weekends, we love to go to the park and do arts and crafts together. I work full-time as an administrative assistant at an engineering company, and my daughter attends daycare full-time.

I am currently in a custody battle over my daughter. Her father is from Saudi Arabia and is trying to take her back there. I would never be able to see her again, and I know that because I have a son in Saudi Arabia whom I have not seen in 3 years because of my ex. I have had to pay several legal fees, and it has really drained my accounts. The decision will be in March, and I am just trying to stay afloat until then.

I am asking for help with our car note, so I can get to where we need to go. I have to choose between my car note, rent, or utilities, and an eviction would look horrible to the court. I would never forgive myself if I paid my car note, lost my apartment, and then lost my daughter. This act of kindness would allow me to keep my rent paid while still being able to get my daughter to daycare and me to work. Thank you for anything you can spare.

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