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I'm a Young Adult Working Full-time & Have a Baking Business. I'll Lose My Home for Fixing My Car!

My Story:

I am 25 years old. I work full-time for a manufacturing company and have a small baking business on the side. I love spending time with friends and family as much as I can.

I earn enough to pay for my basic expenses every month, but I tend to live paycheck to paycheck. I had no savings set aside when my everyday vehicle suddenly broke down without warning six weeks ago. This happens to be the only transportation I have, and without it, I would have no way to work. I had to repair my car, but paying for it has put me very behind on rent.

I am humbly asking for one-time assistance with rent, so I do not risk losing my home after repairing my car. Your acts of kindness will ensure I have a safe place to rest my head at night. I will be able to pay back my electric bill should I receive this assistance, which would put me back on track with everything. I have begun doing additional jobs like DoorDash, and that will help me recover too. Thank you so much for your compassion.

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