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I Live with My Daughter & Granddaughter, & After My Daughter Lost Her Job, We'll Be Without Power!

My Story:

I am a veteran and widow living with my daughter and granddaughter. My granddaughter is an amazing volleyball player and straight A student; several colleges have made her offers already. My daughter works in tech but just lost her job due to a downsize, so we are all relying on my retirement income now.

My daughter and I split our rent and utilities, but since she lost her job, she is unable to pay her half. I have been struggling to keep just those bills paid, and then my vehicle completely broke down last month. The repairs set me back hundreds, and I was barely able to pay our rent afterwards. Even though my daughter is searching for a new job, I highly doubt she will get a paycheck before our other bills are due, and I'm not in a place to pay them on time.

I am asking for this one-time help with our utility and car insurance bills, so I can pay our rent. This help will allow us to avoid eviction proceedings until my daughter secures a new position. My landlord is forcing me to pay for some home repairs, so this assistance will also ensure we can fix our plumbing issues. Your kindness will save us from experiencing a loss of power, transportation, and ultimately, shelter. We won't face homelessness with my granddaughter in the middle of the school year, and we would be beyond grateful. Thank you so much.

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