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I Got COVID During My High Risk Pregnancy & Lost Work. I Can't Pay My Medical Bill!

My Story:

I am the mom of 3 daughters ages 22, 15 and 9 months. I am also a grandmother to a beautiful 3-year-old girl. I am a certified medical technician and work at a nursing home. I have been in nursing for 16 years and love my job.

In October of 2022, I caught COVID while I was pregnant. Since I was 41 years old and already considered a high-risk pregnancy, getting sick with COVID forced me to significantly reduce my hours at both of my jobs. At one point, I had no income at all, so I applied for rental assistance. I ended up being denied, and my landlord was not willing to set up a payment plan with me. I simply could not get the money together in time, so I was brought to court. I will be evicted soon, and despite me being able to secure a new place, I cannot afford to move there. I am slowly but surely getting out of this situation, but I have no idea how I will stay housed until I save up enough to move all my belongings there.

I am humbly requesting assistance with an outstanding medical bill from my pregnancy that, if paid, would free me up to cover the moving costs. Your act of kindness will not only keep my girls and I from being lost with nowhere to go, but it will also ensure we can swiftly transition into our new home. Your generosity will allow me to focus on providing for my girls and newborn. I don't even have a fridge or stove right now, so we have had to spend a lot of money eating out. This help would allow me to have a working kitchen with a budget for food, so I can improve our situation. Thank you so much.

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