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I Got Accepted Into A Great Wildlife Biology Program, but I Cannot Afford to Move There with My Son!

My Story:

I am a single mother of a four-year-old son named DJ. DJ is full of energy and is so caring; he loves exploring outdoors. He also has a speech disability, but it doesn't slow him down. I work full-time at an emergency veterinary clinic as a pharmacy technician.

I have been accepted into a great wildlife biology program in Colorado, so we are going to be moving soon. I eventually want to work for the state as a wolf biologist. I earn enough to cover our expenses each month, but it is not enough to set aside money for savings, so we have no way to pay for our move. I have already secured housing in Colorado, so all that is left is getting there.

I am asking for some help with our moving expenses, so we can get from Texas to Colorado safely with our belongings. There is a wonderful school right down the road from our new home that I am excited to take my son to. This assistance will allow me to focus on my studies and stay on top of my normal bills, so I can eventually be in my dream job. Thank you so much.

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