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I Got Laid Off & My Husband's Income Does not Cover It All! My Family Will Be Evicted!

My Story:

I am a married mom currently looking for jobs after getting laid off, and my husband works full-time as a supervisor for the school bus routes in our county. We have two intelligent girls ages 8 and 6. They both excel in school and sports and definitely keep us busy!

After unexpectedly losing my income, we no longer make ends meet. We are going to be moving to a cheaper place in two months, which will help, and I already have a few potential employers who are interested. We just need a little bit of help to hold us over, so we do not get evicted before our situation changes.

I am humbly asking for help with our rent, so my family can remain housed. We are behind on our car payments too, and this gift would make it so we can pay those bills. Your help will keep us from becoming homeless right before things are going to turn around for us. Thank you so much for anything you can give us.

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