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My Cancer Diagnosis Forced Me to Drop Out of School. We Repaired Our Car & Now We'll Lose Our Home!

My Story:

I was in school trying to earn my bachelor's degree, but I got diagnosed with cancer. I was also working full-time prior to this situation, but I had to quit to have and recover from surgery. Even though everything feels pretty empty right now, I take solace in spending time with my family.

I recently had to spend thousands on a car repair, so we could be safe on the road. My family always earns enough, but this bill was a shock. In combination with my medical bills, we have found ourselves in an unbelievable bind, and we are struggling to figure out how we will pay our mortgage now. I know that if we lose our home, it will be one big domino effect.

We are asking for help with our mortgage, so we can be current. This help will ensure my family and I do not become homeless while I am trying to battle cancer. I will be able to focus on my health and get back on track for our future payments. Thank you so much for your help.

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