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After Losing My Car Due to A Car Accident, I Lost My Job. I Could Lose My Home Now Too!

My Story:

I'm a pet mom trying to keep a safe home for myself, my dog, Demo, and my cat, Valentino.

I lost my vehicle after I was badly injured in a car accident a few months ago, and it was a domino effect. I lost my job since I no longer had a reliable way to get to work and was frequently taking off to go to my medical appointments. I'm working with my lawyer to be compensated after this, but time waits for no one.

We are asking for help to pay our rent, as it is almost a month and a half late. After losing my car and job, I can't imagine having to lose my home. This assistance would keep me housed as I get back on track with everything. I am starting a new job, so I can return to stability soon. Thank you so much for your help.

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