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My Mom & I Rent an Apartment Together, but After She Lost Her Job, We Could Be Homeless!

My Story:

I am a 26-year-old female, and after my boyfriend and I broke up, my mom and I started renting an apartment together. I am a paraprofessional at a therapeutic day school and currently in school to be an elementary school teacher.

My mother is currently unemployed after losing her job in June. She has been unable to find employment since then which left just my income to cover everything. She tried to file for unemployment, but she could not get it because the company was fighting her case. I must use my very small paycheck to cover rent, utilities, Wi-Fi, and all our other expenses. Since my mom lost her job, I have been making payments late a lot. It has gotten to a point where I am fearing both eviction and repossession if I do not get current soon.

I am humbly asking for help with my rent, so my mom and I can stay housed. This will allow us to finally be caught up on rent, so I can catch up with my other bills that are behind. This will prevent me from having to eventually file for bankruptcy and give me a second chance. Thank you so much.

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