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I Moved & Then Had to Make an Emergency Trip Back After My Girl's Dad Died. I Can't Repair My Car!

My Story:

I am a single mom of two children. After my baby girl graduated, I decided to move from New York to North Carolina to find myself since it's just me and my two rescue dogs, Lola & Gigi, now. I put everything I had into moving, and then my daughter's father died tragically from a heart attack.

I had to make an emergency visit back to New York for his funeral and final arrangements which took a huge toll on my finances. It took a lot to move to North Carolina, so this happened at a horrible time financially. The emergency trip back to New York caused me to fall behind on my bills, and then, while I was catching up, my car started making noises. I took it to Honda, and they told me it is too dangerous to drive. I just moved to this state, so I am all alone. I need to get to work or else I will be in a much worse situation, but I feel scared every time I drive. It is a lose-lose situation.

I am asking for help repairing my car, as I do not have the money to do so after moving and then returning to New York for my daughter's father's funeral. This help will keep me safe on the road and allow me to keep my job. It will ensure I can get caught back up with my other bills and not be at risk of homelessness in a state where I know no one. Thank you so much.

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