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I'm a Veteran With Disabilities & Can't Work Since My Car Broke Down! I Can't Afford the Repairs!

My Story:

I am a single veteran with disabilities living with my dog. The VA gave me my dog because I was suffering from PTSD after I was discharged. My dog is truly my rock; he helps me through all my emotional difficulties. I work part-time doing food deliveries. Between that income and my VA benefits, I have always managed to cover everything.

Recently, my car broke down, and this has put me in a tough spot. I can't work without my car, so I am losing income every day. I have had to cut down as much as possible on every expense which is truly affecting our quality of life. Not to mention, it has made my psychiatric symptoms worse with all the added anxiety.

I am asking for this one-time help, so I can get my car repaired. It will put me back in a place of financial stability because I will be able to return to work. I can focus on my mental health and caring for my pup. Thank you so much for anything you can contribute.

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